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Crafted by the original creators of Jolly Phonics

Content designed and curated by Sue Lloyd and Sara Wernham


Teach exactly according to the programme, and get excellent results.

  • Full and extensive year's programme with more than 150 lessons.
  • Aligned to the handbook and pupil books
  • Worksheets for every lesson.
  • Over 100 unique lesson activities.


Teaching Jolly Phonics has never been so easy, simply follow the steps of the lesson, and be guided through the teaching experience.

  • Be guided through Jolly Phonics teaching, just follow the steps.
  • Teaching notes and planning guidelines for each activity.
  • Perfect for teachers beginning their Jolly Phonics Journey.
  • Audio for every, story and word. Hear words blended and segmented.
  • Teacher Lead: Assistance from the application is available, but the teacher is in control
  • Provides framework for expansion for experienced and creative teachers


Children love the lessons, and are completely absorbed in their learning.

  • Fun, engaging animations, for formation, blending, and segmenting.
  • Activities for the whole class, get children up to the board and interacting.
  • Multisensory, great for young children.


Online, downloadable, setup in minutes, multiple profiles

  • Fully web-based platform.
  • British or American English.
  • Ability to create multiple, personalised staff/classroom profiles
  • Print or Precursive letters.

Trusted by teachers
Loved by children

  • More than 150 lessons and dozens of different activities.
  • Teaching notes and planning guidelines are provided for each lesson.

“Jolly Phonics is a fantastic way to teach phonics to children. Phonics should be fun and engaging and Jolly Phonics most definitely supports this. The children in our school love singing the songs and doing the actions!”

Lucy DaviesTeacher, Rush Green Primary School


Step 1

Introduce the 42 letter sounds

Step 1 focuses on the five key skills of Jolly Phonics to teach reading and writing.

Learning the letter sounds

Children are taught the main 42 letter sounds. This includes alphabet sounds and digraphs such as /sh/, /th/, /ai/, and /ue/.

Learning letter formation

Using different multi-sensory methods, children learn how to form and write the letters.


Children are taught how to blend the sounds together to read and write new words.


Children learn to identify and break down the sounds in words.

Tricky Words

Children learn that there are irregular spellings for certain words.

Step 2

Build on the initial teaching

Step 2 builds on the teaching in Step 1 by introducing new tricky words and the alternative spellings of vowels.

Step 3

Consolidate the teaching

Step 3 consolidates the learning of Steps 1 and 2 by introducing new tricky words and spelling patterns, as well as long and short vowels.


Subscription for Schools

  • Unlimited access to all content and activities.
  • An account for every teacher.
  • Track the progress of multiple classes.
Annual Subscription£250.00
Annual SubscriptionUS$300.00


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